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Removal of top layer of skin & vellus hair


Electrical stimulation of facial muscles to tighten & smooth muscles & connective tissue

Radio Frequency

Energy waves heat the dep layers of the skin, stimulation collagen & tightening skin

High Frequency

Oxygenates the surface of the skin, kills P. acne bacteria, stimulates circulation & aids in detoxification and contracts blood vessels minimizing red inflamed skin

Hand & Arm Massage

Exotic oil & body cream provides intense moisturization & rejuvenation benefits to even the driest of skin, restoring peace, harmony & relaxation

Brow Tint

Dying of the brow hair for bolder, natural looking brows for approx. 5 weeks

Scalp Treatment & Massage

Scalp massage using intense dep cleansing mask to draw out impurities restoring & moisturizing the scalp

Facial Massage or Extended Facial Massage

Add on or extend the facial massage for extra relaxation while stimulating collagen

Lip Exfoliation & Mask Treatment

Exfoliation & conditioning for dry, dehydrated lips


Manual extraction of black heads, close comedones, milia or active acne lesions

Lash Tint

Achieve darker, bolder lashes without bothering with mascara. Results approx. 5 weeks

Lash Lift with Tint

Low maintenance technique that gives the illusion of longer lifted lashes making the eyes appear more open. Results last 8 weeks. *includes lash tint & a daily lash conditioner

Brow Lamination with Tint & Wax

Give your brows a set, uniform shape to provide a fuller more even look. Results last 8 weeks. Includes a daily brow conditioner.